Yale Law Professor Publishes His Point of View on Sexual Assault On Campus


Yale Law professor is one of the few professors to address the sexual assault issues and give a few solutions to decrease the problem.

Yale University Campus Students


Harvard Professors Oppose New Sexual Assault Polices From Obama


The professors at Harvard University wrote a letter to Harvard stating that they are against the new policies that the university agreed to in fear that they would lose government financial support. The professors think the new policies don’t give the accused a fair trial or prove their innocence.


Columbia Student STILL Carries That Weight


Online news source published the most recent report that Emma Sulkowicz continues to carry her mattress which means that her rapist is still on campus. The only action Columbia University has taken are to decrease the publicity around Sulkowicz and the university. Columbia charged Sulkowicz and her supporters with a clean up fee after their group march on The National Day of Action.


Interesting Point of View From A Female Blogger

Amy Jo Clark (left), and Miriam Weaver are, Chicks


These two women have published their ideas on the gray area of sexual assault- not the concrete cases of rape but the college hook up culture situations. These bloggers and authors disagree with liberal feminists because they believe that universities should protect women against men, automatically establishing who the victim is and who is guilty. This point of view makes sexual assault even more complicated than it was before because when alcohol is heavily involved in both parties then what is the determining factor that sex for either of them was consensual? If you are under the influence and agree to have sex, is that consent? Or if you regret having sex the next day is that classified as sexual assault?


University of Florida Student Newspaper- On Campus Rape IS an Issue


Along with other student newspapers across the country, University of FL ran an opinion piece that the conservatives diminishing sexual assault on college campuses (such as George Will) have no idea of the severity of the issue. It is interesting the difference among mainstream conservative and liberal news sources that discuss on campus rape but the wider divide is between the strong passion that smaller publications such as university newspapers and bloggers have versus how mainstream media covers sexual assault on college campuses.


Victims Usually Blame Themselves


Universities are beginning to launch programs and surveys for students in order to grasp the problem on their own campus. Through this survey universities are realizing that their campus numbers are matching with the nationwide statistics and that victims usually blame themselves a little or don’t entirely blame the attacker.